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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Lookup tool allows to find other sites hosted on your web server. On shared web hosting plans, many domains are hosted on the same server. Sharing an IP address with a website that has been reported for malicious content or spam will affect the Page Rank of your own website. You may be sharing an IP with a website that is filtered by search engines or intentionally blocked by search engines.  This can result in accidental blocking of your site with same IP address. Being aware of this can help to ensure that a domain is hosted on a server that does not have questionable content.

How to use Reverse IP Domain Check Tool?

Just enter your website address (URL), and then click “Check”. The reverse IP to Domain lookup tool will query a search engine server for all domains presently hosted on the same server as the lookup domain. The DNS records of the results and that of the lookup domain are compared to determine whether both domains reside on the same server.