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Keyword plays an important role in search engine optimization. A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Internet users use Keywords to find matching websites for their need. For eg. If I want to find a soup recipe, I go to a search engine (such as Google or yahoo) and type Keyword 'soup recipe' into search box to find a site .

To get ranked on search engines, your content should be optimized to have perfect keywords density. Keywords density means the percentage of keywords available in your content per 100 words. Always write content with appropriate amount of keywords. Do not overuse the keywords and make sure that the keyword is not repeated again and again. Try to keep the density 2-3% because it will be seo optimized.

It is very difficult to calculate the keyword manually and it is quite time consuming. The keyword density checker tool will help you on this. Just enter the domain name and click submit. The list of keyword and it's count on that page will be presented in front of your screen within few seconds. You can analyze these results and can make improvements for better search engine rankings.