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About Domain Hosting Checker

Domain Hosting Checker will help you to find out who is hosting a particular website. Find out who is hosting this .

Why look for who is hosting any site?

Let us look at some of the reasons why you might want to find out the web host of a particular website.

You were looking for a better hosting company and you came across some good, successful website, or even your competitors websites. Knowing who hosts your competitors’ sites may help you, as your website may require more or less the same resources.

Website content theft is a common problem. If you do find your content republished on the net without your consent you can file a DMCA take down notice with the offenders web host. You can use this tool to find out offenders' web host.

How to use this tool?

Type in a domain name, enter image verification code(if any) and click submit button. You’ll get your answer right away.