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Domain age is a factor in determining Google rankings, You can check age of your domain by this tool.

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I have read some difference of opinions online in regards to domain age and google ranking. There are several debates happening for several years about how Google uses domain age to influence a website's rankings in their algorithm.

The main point behind this theory is that that spammers tend to register and drop domain names quickly while well established sites have old domain names and therefore they have quality content. The head of Google's web spam team, Matt Cutts, says that an older domain that has been established has earned a greater level of trust with Google than a younger domain that is not as established. Matt admits that this is true to a point, but domain age is an insignificant factor that really carries very little weight in the Google algorithm.

Domain age & Link Building: Domain age can have an impact on Domain Authority. Backlinks from a site with high domain authority will improve your ranking. When a site is linked to by a popular and trusted domain, that link might provide more value (and a higher ranking) than a link from a site that is less popular and trusted.

If you are looking for an advertising space,and before you spend money, you would like to know how long these guys are in the business. You may use this tool to find the age of website, and this will help you to determine how credible their services might be. Domain age conveys stability and longevity of a site. An aged domain may have valuable inbound links pointing to it which can bring additional traffic to the site.